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Case Study: Upgrade light fittings

Allan Hoy, Hyde Park Towers

Allan Hoy

“We saved over $7600 per year by replacing halogen downlights with LEDs”

You can do this project!

We converted 262 halogen downlights to LEDs on residential levels, and in the gym, pool and other common areas.

What was the result?

The best bit is that nobody noticed anything! The light quality was not changed and we’ve save energy. In fact we noticed a decrease in energy consumption the very day after installation.

How did you fund the project?

We funded it through the sinking fund. Unfortunately the NSW Energy Savings Scheme was not yet in place at the time of installation.

What advice would you pass on?

Do an early audit and gather all relevant facts before the AGM. Bring experts into the AGM and show owners some samples of the new lights.


Hyde Park Towers was part of the Smart Green Apartments program, managed by City of Sydney.