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Case Study: Replace lighting with energy efficient bulbs

Allan Hoy, Hyde Park Towers

Allan Hoy

“This project helped cut energy use by nearly 50 per cent in the car park which resulted in significant cost savings overall.”

You can do this project!

We removed 307 of the T8 fluorescent tubes in the car park and retrofitted T5 fluorescent eco saver kits.

This enabled us to reduce from 35 Watt tubes to 22 Watt tubes thereby consuming much less energy per tube.

What was the result?

A very significant reduction in energy consumption was achieved.

A by-product of this action was that the heat in the car park was reduced by about 20 per cent because the T5 conversion kits don’t emit as much heat as T8 fittings. This in turn reduced the number fans running in the car park so we saved energy in two ways.

How did you fund the project?

We funded it through the sinking fund and then applied for rebates through the NSW Energy Savings Scheme. Energy Saving Certificates were generated each with a price of around $22.

This provided a very sizeable rebate for the project. The project cost was reduced by 50 per cent with the rebates taken into account.

What advice would you pass on?

We should have done this ages ago!


Hyde Park Towers was part of the Smart Green Apartments program, managed by City of Sydney.