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Case Study: Pool covers to reduce heat loss

Andrew, The Princeton


"The liquid pool blanket has reduced the amount of gas used for pool heating, reduced water evaporation and lowered the effort required to maintain the pool because there is less condensation."

You can do this project!

We installed a dosing pump that injects a small amount of biodegradable liquid into the pool plumbing each night. This liquid then disperses across the pool forming a ‘liquid blanket’ covering the surface.

The blanket is only molecules thick and increases the surface tension; thus reducing evaporation and heat loss.

What was the result?

At this stage the savings in gas usage and water usage have not been quantified but the reduction in condensation is quite noticeable.

How did you fund the project?

The project was funded out of the sinking fund for the building.

What advice would you pass on?

A conventional pool blanket would have been more efficient but was impractical in our situation because of the effort required for daily installation, removal, storage and safety. The liquid pool blanket offers the convenience of a hands-free automated system.



The Princeton was part of City of Port Phillip’s SOCs and Blocks program.