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Case Study: Understand energy bills and collect data

Angelo Indovino, Melbourne & City Towers, South Bank

Angelo Indovino

Building management (Melbourne Inner City Management) and the Owners Corporation Committee have been working together to improve energy efficiency at Melbourne & City Towers for some time.

You can do this project!

The first step taken was when 4 car park exhaust fans were replaced with more efficient models in 2013. Following this project, a number of initiatives were implemented including;

  • Switching hundreds of lights to LED in lobbies, corridors, lifts and car parks
  • Installing a 30 minute timer on gym air conditioner
  • Maintaining timers for stairwell lighting

More recently, a project database was created to gather the monthly electricity usage information, initiatives implemented and others waiting to be investigated. This information forms the basis of the routine reporting back to the project team.

The team estimates they have reduced electricity consumption by 43% over the last 5 years, which represents a saving of $120,000 per year. The Concierge Team have played an important role as the “eyes and ears” of what happens in the buildings. They have assisted in the walk-throughs of the buildings to identify all the items of electrical equipment and how it is operated.

Not content with their achievements to date, the team is still investigating improvements including:

  • Ensure common areas heating and cools temperatures are set to appropriate temperatures
  • Energy efficiency improvements for the pool area
  • Buying 100% renewable energy
  • Refreshing the building Operating Manual
  • LED exit and emergency lighting
  • Motion sensors on lights in stairwells and plant rooms
  • Solar Panels and more!