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Case Study: Upgrade light fittings

David McGlashan & Peter Renner, Freshwater Place Apartments

David McGlashan & Peter Renner

“It was a triple win; for owners and residents, for the status of our building, and for the environment”

You can do this project!

We undertook an audit of the building for energy efficiency improvements. First we completed works that were of minimal cost and then looked at areas where there was greatest impact.

The first major project was replacing 1200 halogen downlights around the building and upgrading them to LEDs.

What was the result?

There have been many positive comments. It was a triple win; for the environment because we use less energy; for the owners and residents, because of the cost savings and the improved ambient light; and for the status of our building, keeping it at the forefront of resident services and new technology.

How did you fund the project?

It was funded under the 15-year maintenance plan for the building.

What advice would you pass on?

Have a plan, understand your baseline energy use, consider all options, and proceed with a business case.