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Case Study: Develop an energy reduction plan

Peter Renner & David McGlashan , Freshwater Place Apartments

Peter Renner & David McGlashan

"The energy reduction plan got residents involved in the process and talking about energy efficiency."

You can do this project!

The executive committee developed a plan to identify energy saving initiatives to reduce electricity and gas costs for the owners corporation and residents.

The plan commenced with a building audit and was endorsed by the committee. The plan was to achieve the following:

  • Assess energy consumption and establish benchmarks
  • Identify practical opportunities to reduce consumption and costs
  • Develop a five year strategy to reduce electricity use, exposure to increasing electricity prices, and carbon levies
  • Achieve additional benefits like improved service quality, maintainability and operability

What was the result?

Implementing an energy reduction plan got the residents involved in the process and allowed us to initiate energy efficiency improvements. This reduced costs and kept the building at the forefront of service delivery and new technology.

What advice would you pass on?

Have a plan, understand your baseline energy use, consider all options, and proceed with a business case.