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Case Study: Install solar for your apartment

Valerie Kay, Melbourne

Valerie Kay

"I installed 3 solar panels to provide energy to my ground floor apartment."

You can do this project!

I installed a 1.5kW solar system (3 solar panels) to provide energy to my one-bedroom, ground floor apartment.

The solar system is located on the collectively-owned, north facing, double-storey roof directly above my neighbour’s apartment.

I was able to demonstrate to the owners corporation that there was enough roof space for everyone to install their fair share of panels if they wanted to. This made it easier to convince my owners corporation to let me go ahead with the project.

What was the result?

I was given an estimate that my solar system will pay for itself within four years because my energy bills will be reduced.

My latest energy bill was only $37 for the entire quarter. It showed that I used 51kWh, and that my solar system generated 175kWh. The $37 was all for service charges and a $1 GreenPower surcharge rather than the electricity itself.

What advice would you pass on?

Maintain good communication with the owners corporation, be prepared to provide clear and simple information to other owners, and be available to answer any questions they might have.

Also, try not to be too pushy in proposing the idea, so that other owners feel as though they have time to understand the proposal and get used to the project idea. Be patient. Getting owners corporation approval is a protracted process, even when people agree.