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Efficiency basics for your apartment

There are a few basic things that should be done in every apartment. If you haven’t completed the actions below, you’ll be wasting money on your energy bills:

  1. Switch from halogen downlights to LEDs.
  2. Install a water efficient showerhead.
  3. Install flow restrictors on your kitchen, bathroom and laundry taps.
  4. Seal the cracks and gaps around doors and windows to stop the cold air leaking in.

Your local hardware shop will be able to supply all the materials you need.

If you live in Victoria, there are plenty of places you can get advice:

Positive Charge: An independent, free energy advisory service, including product and supplier referrals. Supported by local councils.
Yarra Energy Foundation: Practical advice to help Yarra residents make their homes and lifestyles more efficient.
Alternative Technology Association: A not-for-profit organisation that enables and inspires people to live sustainably.

Dowload the basic sustainability action list for your apartment now.