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Help apartments go solar

The University of New South Wales (UNSW) is researching how installing solar power on apartment buildings can be made easier... and they need your help!

They are seeking apartment buildings to use as case studies and also volunteers / advocates to help with the research.

Mike Roberts, UNSW PhD student is keen to speak with you if:

  • You rent or own an apartment;
  • Are active in your body corporate or community; or
  • Are interested in making your building more sustainable.

You don't need to have installed solar to participate! It won't require a lot of your time but it will make a great contribution to important work.

Mike is looking for people who will:

  • allow UNSW to access their energy data
  • Answer a short (online or paper) survey about their energy use

Participation perks

In return for your help, UNSW will share their results with you to help you understand in detail how solar could benefit your building. You'll also be able to feel good about contributing to research that can help get more solar onto apartment buildings.

For more information, contact Mike Roberts. Email [email protected] or phone 0403 211 307.

You can read more about the research project or download the participant flyer.

Note: All data collected for this research project will be kept securely and anonymously according to UNSW Ethics Guidelines. No personal information will be published or passed on to anyone else.

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