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Smart Blocks goes solar

Well over a million Australian households now boast a solar electricity system but what about apartments? We don’t want apartment owners to miss out on the many benefits of solar so we’re working hard to complete two brand new Smart Blocks project modules:

  1. solar to power common areas in apartment buildings; and
  2. solar to power your individual apartment.

We’ve been consulting with the Alternative Technology Association to bring you the very best independent technical advice so your solar project will go smoothly.

And, inspiring apartment owners like Miriam and Valerie – who have both already installed solar – have given us a hand to make sure the information we provide is just perfect for apartments.

As our friends at the Alternative Technology Association pointed out, the best first step to going solar is to improve your energy efficiency. Using less energy means you’ll need to purchase a smaller solar system, reducing your upfront costs. So until our new solar project modules go live in April, keep working on your energy efficiency projects and give yourselves a pat on the back for all the good work you’ve already done.