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Smart Blocks wins Premier's Design Award

We’re thrilled! Smart Blocks was awarded the Best in Category for Service Design at the Victorian Premier’s Design Awards. The awards recognise Victorian designers and businesses using good design effectively and sustainably.

It can be a challenge to make energy efficiency changes in residential strata buildings. There’s frustration of trying to retrofit an old building, the tyranny of collective decision-making and a mind-boggling number of options.

Our program was developed to overcome the specific hurdles apartment owners and managers face when trying to make their buildings more sustainable.

Designed in collaboration with apartment owners and mangers by Huddle Design, Digital Eskimo, Viridis and Sustainability at Work, our ground-breaking approach has helped us create meaningful solutions that support and enable the community to make their buildings more sustainable.

In the year and a bit since we launched the program, our website has had more than 40,000 visitors. Close to 500 buildings have signed up across Australia and are busy saving energy and money by adapting light fittings, upgrading car park ventilation and installing solar systems.

The design awards recognise how our ground-breaking online toolkit, measurement and evaluation capability and comprehensive community engagement strategy are effectively guiding buildings through each step of the process.

The program was commissioned by Strata Community Australia, City of Melbourne, City of Sydney and Owners Corporation Network.

Photos by Kit Hasselden/Premier's Design Awards (top) and Huddle (bottom).