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Strata Management Partnership

The City of Melbourne’s population is growing rapidly. Since 2001, the residential population has doubled to more than 116,000 people and by 2031 it is estimated to be 190,000. Overwhelmingly, this population is being housed in apartments so strata communities and their managers are set to play an increasingly important role in Melbourne’s future.

Recognising this trend, City of Melbourne ran a competitive process to recruit a strata management company for a partnership project and selected Turnbull Cook. The project aims to test mechanisms for strata managers to improve customer experience and positively influence the livability of the buildings they manage.

Turnbull Cook’s customers and strata managers will participate in research interviews and workshops to help the City understand liveability in the context of apartment buildings. Insights from the research phase will help Turnbull Cook develop and test interventions aimed at improving liveability in strata buildings.

The project is set to run until mid-2016. Project updates will be posted on the Smart Blocks website and through sector publications so that we can share insights and lessons learned with the strata sector.

We received a strong, high-quality response from strata management companies during the selection process for the partnership, demonstrating the sectors commitment to improving customer outcomes and contributing to a vibrant life in the city.

This partnership is another step in City of Melbourne’s commitment to understand and support improvements in the residential strata sector. It will help to inform existing programs such as Smart Blocks and High Rise Recycling.