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Compare offers from electricity & gas retailers

One way to reduce your electricity and gas costs is to shop around to see if you are getting the best deal for your particular energy needs.

State differences

  • You have a choice of retailers to go with if your building in located in: New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Australian Capital Territory or Queensland.
  • In Western Australia, you can only choose providers if your energy use is over 50 MWh per year (about $12,500).
  • Residents in Tasmania and the Northern Territory do not have a choice of retailers to go with. 

View the Energy Made Easy website for more information on comparing energy offers and changing contracts. 


When comparing offers ensure you:

  • Compare costs accurately and ask retailers what their variable and fixed costs are
  • Ask what service fees you’ll have to pay and check whether the charge is for the same number of days as on your existing bill when comparing service fees
  • Check whether there are any extra fees for late payments or early contract termination
  • Ask if anything extra is included in a market offer like bonuses or savings
  • Check billing and payment arrangements, including how and when you are billed and payment option
  • Check whether time-of-use pricing or off-peak hot water is on offer
  • Check what happens at the end of the contract period for market contracts
  • Find out how you renew and what happens if you wish to change retailers or return to a regulated contract

Compare offers in your state

Australian Capital Territory and South Australia: Australian Energy Regulator – Energy Made Easy

South Australia: Essential Services Commission of South Australia

New South Wales: Australian Energy Regulator – Energy Made Easy

Victoria: My Power Planner

Queensland: Queensland Competition Authority

Western AustraliaGovernment of Western Australia - Department of Finance

Households in Tasmania and the Northern Territory do not yet have a choice of retailer. For details on current pricing and household energy tips you can go to your existing supplier.

Aurora Energy (Tasmania)– Energy Calculators

PowerWater Corporation (Northern Territory)–Residential Pricing