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What can I do?

Getting started

Every apartment building is different, but there are some obvious places to start when setting out to make your common property more energy efficient.   Read More


You could save as much as 80 per cent of the energy used by lighting on common property by adapting light bulbs or fittings, while still maintaining a well-lit environment for residents.

Water systems

Domestic hot water can account for more than 50 per cent of the energy used by common property in apartment buildings that have a central hot water system installed.

Pools and amenities

Fine-tune the way your pumps and filters operate to prevent your pool from wasting energy and money.

Heating and cooling

If your building has a central heating and cooling system then you could make significant energy savings.


Moving air around your building uses a lot of energy but there are some clear actions you can take to reduce the cost of pumping air around both your building and car park.

Solar systems

Solar systems generate energy from the sun and can significantly reduce energy bills for both common areas and individual apartments.