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Every apartment building is different, but there are some obvious places to start when setting out to make your common property more energy efficient.

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It is often said that you cannot manage what you do not measure, so understanding how much energy is used by common property and making a formal commitment to energy efficiency is a big step.

It is certainly a step worth taking when you consider that more than 20 per cent of the fees or levies for your apartment building could be related to energy bills.

Lighting in common areas like: hallways, foyers, underground carparks and outside the building is typically the largest energy cost for an apartment building. There is also enormous scope for cost savings because lights are often left on 24/7 and this can easily be changed by installing motion sensors and timers.

The energy used by central hot water systems can be reduced by adapting and upgrading equipment, but also by residents using hot water more efficiently.

If you have a swimming pool or a spa on common property then this also presents an opportunity to save a significant amount of energy by upgrading things like pool pumps and heaters.

Every apartment building is different and will have varying common property assets that use energy. The Green Strata website provides a breakdown of the electricity used by a range of buildings of different sizes.