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Develop an energy reduction plan


Work with your strata manager and executive committee to have an energy reduction plan endorsed.

Your energy reduction plan should outline a process to identify and implement opportunities for your building to save energy and money. 

1. Draft your energy reduction plan 

  • Review the energy consumption of common property and establish the baseline energy usage and benchmarks 
  • Undertake an audit to identify where there are opportunities to review the energy used by common property
  • Develop a three-year strategy that identifies projects to be undertaken, the cost of implementation, potential energy savings, and the expected payback period

2. Get your plan endorsed

  • You will need to draft a motion proposing to have your energy reduction plan approved 
  • Send both the motion and energy reduction plan to your strata manager, or the secretary of your executive committee
  • Request that this item be placed on the agenda of the next meeting of the executive committee or the next annual general meeting (AGM)


Here is an example of a motion that you could adapt:

That the owners corporation strata plan No. XXXX authorises the executive committee to develop an energy reduction plan that includes:

  • The establishment of an energy use baseline
  • The audit of common property with the purpose of identifying opportunities to save energy
  • The development of a three year implementation strategy – which may include replacement of, or addition to common property