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Upgrade light fittings


In many cases it is worth upgrading the light fitting rather than replacing a light bulb with an energy efficient alternative.

Here are the things you can do

It may sound a bit difficult but some of the biggest energy and cost savings in lighting are made by adapting or changing the whole light fitting.

There is also a variety of different light fittings that have integrated motion sensors. This makes them extremely efficient in terms of energy use but also cost - because you won’t need to buy and install a separate motion sensor control.

Guidelines for replacement 

The lights in your underground car park are likely to be linear fluorescent tubes. If they are an older style T8 fitting you can achieve substantial savings by upgrading to a T5 or LED light fitting.

The lights in your hallways and corridors are likely to be halogen or CFL downlights which can be readily upgraded to LED fittings.

The lights in your firestairs could be incandescent, linear fluorescent or CFL and would be worthwhile upgrading to LED as they are often kept on 24 hours a day.

The lights in your foyer could be halogen downlights or decorative pendant fittings. Halogen downlights can be readily upgraded to CFL or LED fittings whilst pendant fittings are best suited to a bulb replacement.

Lights located outside the building are likely to be incandescent floodlights or linear fluorescent. Both are well suited to an efficient fluorescent or LED fitting upgrade.

The lights in the common laundry are likely to be incandescents or linear fluorescent tubes. Replace incandescents with CFLs.