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Pools and amenities

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Fine-tune the way your pumps and filters operate to prevent your pool from wasting energy and money.

Swimming pools and spas guzzle energy as well as water. The main use of energy is for pumping water through the filter, but heating, cleaning appliances, pool lights, and chlorine or saltwater sanitation treatment systems require extra energy as well.

There isn’t a ‘one–size–fits–all’ approach to making your swimming pool or spa more energy efficient, but we have listed some projects you can embark upon until you’ve got it right.

Pools and amenities projects

Funding and rebates 


The Energex Pool Rewards Program is available to eligible South East Queensland households. It provides financial incentives for connecting pool pumps to an off-peak electricity tariff, as well as for installing a minimum 5-star rated energy-efficient pool pump.


Energy-saving pool pumps are one of the products covered by The Energy Saver Incentive for residents in Victoria. The Incentive can help you with the cost of purchasing and installing an energy efficient pool pump.