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Pool and spa maintenance to save energy


You can stop energy being wasted by refining the way your pool pump is operated as well as adjusting the settings for the timer and heater.

Here are the things you can do

Pools and spas on common property need more rigorous maintenance than usual because they are used by so many people at varying times.

The level of maintenance required will also depend on the micro-environment including things like: exposure to leaves, debris, sunlight and other environmental elements.

You can fine tune the way you operate and maintain pool and spa equipment to reduce energy use and costs while keeping the water crystal clear.

It will be helpful to first complete an audit determining what systems your pool or spa uses.

Check that your pool or spa is operating efficiently

  • Prevent unnecessary heat loss and ensure the insulation is in good condition by checking regularly for cracks and leaks
  • Pool pumps are often run longer than necessary in an attempt to make up for inadequate maintenance.
  • Check this list of seasonal maintenance tips