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Install and maintain timers


Pool pumps often run longer than necessary because people fear chemicals may become imbalanced and algal growth will bloom, yet longer ļ¬ltration and water circulation times may not prevent this.

  • Most debris can be removed from a pool using a skimmer or vacuum
  • Using chemicals in the water and scrubbing the walls are the best methods to reduce algae
  • Change your pool pump timer at the end of the swimming season because you don’t need to run it as long during the cooler months
  • You can also install a smart meter and save money by running your pool pump during off-peak hours.

The length of time that a pool pump should run for will vary, depending on: how many people are using the pool, the local climate, how much debris enters the pool, sunlight, and other environmental elements. This requires monitoring of the water and running times for each change of season. You might need to talk with an industry professional to assess the number of hours your pool or spa pump should run.

Remember to reset the timer’s clock after power outages and daylight saving.