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Upgrade your pool pump


Pumps can use 70 per cent of the energy associated with a pool so it makes sense to choose an efficient pump that will save on energy costs while maintaining pool hygiene.

5 tips for upgrading your pool pump 

1. Choose the smallest pump size (the lowest wattage) for your pool or spa. A 750 Watt pump is sufficient for residential pools.

2. Opt for a multi-speed or variable-speed pump with an automatic controller. This is more efficient because after the heavy work of pool vacuuming is done the controller on the pump will automatically adjust back to low speed for the filtration cycle.

3. Purchase a minimum 5-star energy-efficient pool pump from the list of pool pumps participating in the voluntary labelling scheme. The more stars your pool pump has the better.

Choosing an 8 star-rated pool pump can use up to 4 times less energy than a 2 star-rated pool pump—saving you over $260 a year*. 

4. Purchase a pool pump that is quiet to run. Then you can run it during off-peak hours when electricity is cheaper, without breaking noise restrictions.

Use this calculator to estimate the cost of running your pool pump and find out how much you could save on time-based pricing.

5. You can also improve a pump’s performance by up to 40 per cent by:

  • Installing a larger filter rated at least 50 per cent higher than the design flow rate of the pool
  • Asking your plumber to increase the diameter or decreasing the length of the pipes
  • Asking your plumber to replace 90-degree elbow pipes with 45-degree angles or flexible pipes

This is because the most efficient pool plumbing usually has larger diameter pipes with as few bends as possible. Bends and elbow angles should be wide, as pumps use more energy to move water around corners.

*Savings are based on average electricity price of 25 cents/kWh and will vary depending on individual circumstances.

Replacing a spa pump 

Opt for a variable-speed pump for you spa. This is more efficient because digital controls will allow for custom programming of the pump speeds for specific tasks like: filtering, heating, cleaning, spa jets, and waterfalls.