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Moving air around your building uses a lot of energy but there are some clear actions you can take to reduce the cost of pumping air around both your building and car park.

Ventilation projects


Fans are most commonly used for air circulation and ventilation in your building and car park. If you have central heating and cooling they can be responsible for the majority energy used by these systems.

The easiest way to save energy on building ventilation is to ensure that fans are switched off when not required. You can also manage the fan speed.

Efficient maintenance and operation of building ventilation

  • Ensure that belts and pulleys on fans are correctly tensioned and accurately aligned because incorrect tension and misalignment increases friction and wastes energy
  • Replace or clean air filters regularly, because dirty air filters lead to increased resistance to air flow and therefore increased energy use
  • If your heating and cooling system has an economy cycle then make sure it is set up correctly and it functions satisfactorily
  • Check for any leaks in duct work
  • Service fans on a regular basis to ensure they are running efficiently
  • If fans are controlled by a timer or sensor ensure that they are operating only when required

Funding and rebates 


Energy-saving motors are one of the products covered by the Energy Saver Incentive for residents and businesses in Victoria. The Incentive can help you with the cost of replacing a 3 phase motor with a high efficiency 3 phase motor.