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Adjust temperature of the hot water boiler


Make sure your storage heater is set to the correct temperature and not overheating the water, thus wasting energy and money.

Before you reduce the temperature of your hot water system you should test the temperature of the hot water in the apartments furthest away from the hot water system. Heat loss in the pipes could mean that the supply temperature is already too low in these apartments.

Storage hot water systems

  • To save energy it is recommended that the temperature of the storage tank is set at 60 degrees Celsius
  • A minimum of 60 degrees Celsius should be maintained to avoid the growth of harmful bacteria

Instantaneous hot water systems

  • Domestic hot water should be supplied at a temperature lower than 50 degrees Celsius to avoid accidental scalding
  • This will lower running costs and extend the life of the tank

If the pipes need more insulation then you should do this first and then check the temperature of supplied hot water. By adding extra insulation to your hot water storage tank and pipes you should be able to lower the temperature of your hot water system. 

If you believe a reduction in temperature is feasible do this incrementally and then monitor the results. If the furthest apartments don’t receive hot enough water you can always increase the temperature again.

Your next step is to contact a plumber to obtain a quote.