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Contractors and quotes

5 things to remember when working with licensed contractors

  • Ask whether their insurance is up to date
  • Ensure they have a ‘safe work method statement’ in place for each project 
  • Ensure there is a clear ‘scope of works’ in place before work starts
  • Make time to induct contractors into the building
  • Have a clear process in place to sign off on the completion of a project

Here are some procurement guidelines to include in your contracts whenever new assets need to be purchased.

Guidelines for sourcing quotes

  • Obtain three quotes from reputable contractors
  • Make your ‘scope of works’ document easy to read and understand
  • Set out your request for quotation to allow for easy comparison
  • Ask contractors to state their experience when sourcing quotes
  • Offer a site visit to each contractor, or ensure each contractor has same the information to quote on
  • Don't just go for the lowest price - go through the quotes in detail so you're comparing 'apples with apples'
  • Note which items in a quote are lump sum costs (fixed) and which are provisional costs (these can vary)

You might find it helpful to use the template for sourcing quotes below.

Quote request template 826.8 KB

Using contractors who know your building

Your strata manger, facilities manager or executive committee is likely to have a list of contractors that they prefer to work with including: electricians, plumbers, painters and other service people. It’s a good idea to ask your strata manager or facilities manager for the details of these contractors.

You are not obliged to source quotes from them – but it is a good idea to include them because they will already have a working relationship with the people who manage your building and may have a good understanding of the way your building systems function.

Finding new contractors 

This page provides details of Energy Efficiency Council members who have experience with, and have expressed an interest in working with owners corporations in delivering energy efficiency projects.

The Energy Efficiency Council also provides a comprehensive Directory of products and services relating to energy efficiency. 

The Strata Community Australia website provides more information about working with contractors in the context of an apartment building, and a guide to checking that your tradie is qualified.

Procurement guidelines to include in contracts

If you are tasked with choosing a contractor or getting quotes for common property assets then these guidelines could help you.

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