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Rebates and incentives

1. Federal and state government

Federal and state governments offer rebates, funding and incentive programs energy efficiency.

Do a quick search using Living Greener to discover if there is a government rebate or some financial assistance that your project can take advantage of.

2. Programs in different states

Here are some examples of incentives and programs that exist in different states across Australia.


Check to see if the Energy Saver Incentive has rebates that your project is eligible for.

Eligibility under the incentive

Anything that says for 'work' or 'home and work' can be done on common property.

An owners corporation is treated as a business under the incentive so common property is eligible for energy efficiency activities listed under the incentive that are for 'commercial premises'.


South Australia has a number of government initiatives that support energy efficiency.


The Energy Savings Scheme reduces electricity consumption in NSW by creating financial incentives for organisations to invest in energy savings projects.

For lighting projects, the common areas in apartment buildings are eligible because they are included in the definition of ‘commercial lighting’. Find out if your building's lighting replacement project is eligible.

You should work with an Accredited Certificate Provider.

Including your project in the Energy Savings Scheme will make investing in energy efficient equipment more feasible. It could improve your return on investment and make projects with marginal energy savings more viable.

3. Local government

Some local councils conduct free energy audits and run helpful programs on energy efficiency for apartment buildings. 

Some good examples include: Smart Green Apartments and Climate Clever Apartments

Contact your local council directly.