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Navigating the strata approval process

There are various stakeholders who all have a say in the running of your apartment building. You can expect it to take between three months and several years to have a project approved and implemented depending on the size, cost and complexity of the project.

We’ve prepared templates to guide and prepare you for each of the steps in the process which are listed below. 

Strata approval

Any project that affects common property needs to go through a process to gain approval before it can be implemented. Ensure you’re prepared and check that your project complies with strata scheme legislation and by-laws.

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Understand how these stakeholders will need to work together to approve your project: owners, executive committee, strata manager, facilities managers.

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Introduce project

Introduce your Smart Blocks project to the executive committee and other apartment owners using our ‘statement of intent’.

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Selling the business case

The business case should sell your project by providing enough detail that people will feel confident about approving the project if it gets put to a vote.

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Your motion

You will need to draft a motion and put it on the agenda of a meeting so owners can vote and approve your project.

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Meetings and votes

Find out more about how AGMs and EGMs work, and the different rules that apply when votes are cast for your project.

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After the vote

Your next steps depend on how the vote went.

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